15 Unusual Coffee Flavors

15 Unusual Coffee Flavors

Love flavored coffee? Daring to try the most unique blends and crazy tastes that you can possibly mix into your coffee? You’re just like us.

There are some people who simply cannot flavor their coffee. They say that it’s perfect the way it is, and I’m happy for them.

But… I need some variety in my morning cup, and afternoon cup, and perhaps that one I get on the way home from work in the evening.

These are some truly wild coffee flavors for you to try and admire.

If you’d like to see a graphical breakdown of the unusual coffee flavors, we got you covered:

Coffee Flavors

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#1 Green Tea Infused Coffee

Kyoto Made Green Tea Infused Coffee

This has to be brewed at home, but it provides a seriously sharp and original taste to coffee.

Green tea is not only one of the best things you could ever possibly drink (in terms of health benefits), but it also spikes the caffeine content in your coffee.

Altogether, you get a bit of sharpness from the green tea and the bold, balanced flavor of coffee in one sip.

#2 Maple Bacon Coffee

Do you know what’s truly daring?

When the edge of the bacon on your plate touches the syrup runoff from your pancakes, and you dive into a new flavor combination.

Salty and sweet work together so incredibly well and this one flavor is a perfect testament to that.

It’s a strong underlying flavor in coffee, so it will leave a (quite delectable) aftertaste that smells like you live in a forest of Maplewood trees.

#3 Root Beer Latte

Root Beer Latte Glass

Espresso, root beer, ice cream—mix it all up, blend it, and add some whipped cream.

You’re going to get mostly coffee in the flavor palette coming through, but you’ll also get the vanilla in the root beer, and plenty of sweetness from the ice cream.

Since espresso is strong and concentrated, if you make a bit mug of this and include four ounces of espresso, it’s the same caffeine as drinking two Red Bulls. Ice cream that gets you hyper.

#4 Banana Split

Adding a hint of banana extract to your freshly-ground coffee as it’s about to be brewed will rock your world.

If you want to get daring, you can mix two flavors together to “split it up.” One bizarre favorite of mine is to add extract of mint right alongside a banana, which gives it this very polarizing flavor. Don’t knock it ‘til you try it.

#5 Cannabis Coffee

Coffee From Cannabis

Now, this isn’t something I would recommend you make at home, but there are coffee companies that give you the option to buy cannabis-infused coffee that’s usually pre-brewed.

These drinks are legal but have to be specially ordered. They’re basically just coffee plus THC, you get a mix of caffeine and a relaxing feeling. It’s commonly referred to as the wine of coffee.

#6 Pork-Flavored Coffee

Yeah, it’s unusual all right.

This isn’t exactly the same as bacon, which is a flavor that’s often synthetically manufactured for bacon bits and other flavorings. However, pork-flavored coffee has an odd flavor to it.

It’s not something for the faint of heart to try, for sure. Think of a porkchop minus the Shake and Bake, and put it in a cup.

#7 Lavender and Chamomile Coffee

Lavender And Chamomile Coffee

Lavender and chamomile are both in teas and herbal remedies because they make you feel relaxed (here’s some science on it).

Mix that with the effects of caffeine, and you get the heightened brain function without all the jitters.

If you enjoy having coffee after dinner, but don’t want to stay up all night, this is actually a pretty good blend. It’s easy to make at home as well and has an earthy taste.

#8 Cotton Candy Coffee

If you ever plan on visiting Texas, there’s a local coffee shop that makes cotton candy coffee.

It’s not a flavored beverage, it’s the way they brew the beans. It’s a truly bizarre flavor, and once you down the rest of your cup, you’ll be saying “When can I get more?”

#9 Blueberry Caramel

Coffee Blueberry Caramel

Stick with us here, okay?

Blueberry is one of that flavors that nobody expects to put in coffee, but it works so well with the acidity of the coffee beans that the two worlds collide in a grand way.

Caramel has a bit of sweetness to match that bitter flavor, and the two meld perfectly. You can also use salted caramel if you prefer, just be sure that the caramel is sweetened and the blueberry isn’t too tart.

#10 Cedar Brew Coffee

It tastes like you’re sipping on coffee that’s coming straight out of a spigot on a cedar tree.

It’s one of the weirdest flavors but has a surprisingly welcome time on your taste buds. It’s not overly bold, it’s certainly not sweet; it’s the way the beans are stored and roasted that makes all the difference.

This is something you’re going to get used to far faster than you think.

#11 Citrus Coffee

Canes Of Citrus Coffee

It only makes sense, since coffee beans actually derive from coffee cherries, a rather citrusy fruit.

Citrus, such as a mix of lime and orange, has a surprisingly excellent flavor profile. It’s something that mimics the acidity in coffee, but then has its own taste going on.

Again, one of those that you have to taste to really believe how impactful it can really be.

#12 Double Red Berry Coffee

Raspberry and strawberry—a blend of tart and sweet—make up one of the most iconic flavors this writer has personally tried.

If you have a difficult time detecting the different notes in coffee, (identifying nuttiness versus chocolatey-ness, etc.), you’ll be amazed at how clear this flavor comes through in every single sip.

#13 Pineapple Cherry Coffee

Coffee With Pineapple

You’ll notice that a lot of flavors in coffee focus around citric fruit, and pineapple is loaded with citrus.

Cherries can either be tart or super sweet depending on what season they’re in, but when you try this blend that’s actually flavored into the coffee beans, you’re going to be tasting this summertime, waking-up-on-a-beach type of flavor that’s otherwise hard to describe.

#14 Whiskey Coffee

Brewed with a wicked taste, you can get whiskey coffee that contains real alcohol, or just have whiskey coffee that follows some of the same brewing methods to give a familiar flavor.

I’d wager that if you’ve never had whiskey before in your life, that it might come off as a bit odd.

If you’ve tried a whiskey, you’ll notice similar undertones and flavors without it being too strong. If you get an alcohol-infused whiskey coffee, prepared to be relaxed.

#15 Salt Water Taffy

Sweet Candys

It’s like having nostalgia in a cup.

Saltwater taffy is that candy you had during your youth that was like nothing else and having it imbued in the flavor of your coffee beans as they’re roasted is like having a sweet treat in your cup.

The flavor doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s going to be sweet, but it will wake your taste buds up and remind you of those sweet treats that you used to have.

How is Coffee Flavored?

There are three main ways that coffee is flavored.

Each has different nutritional benefits and distinctions, but they are all used in common practice with major coffee brands and QSR restaurants, like Dunkin’ or McDonalds.

Synthetic Additives

Oils and flavor agents are mixed together to make a “flavor shot,” as they’re commonly known.

These seep into every sip of your coffee. Consider them to be extracts or concentrates; a little goes a long way. Usually, these are cheaper, which is why big single-serve coffee companies use them.

Roasting Process

Roasting Coffee Beans

Flavored oils and natural flavoring are added to beans during roasting, which essentially steams the flavors directly into the beans.

Most of the time, these are done with zero sugar, and you don’t have to add anything other than standard cream or sugar (if that’s how you take your coffee) to get that flavor and aroma.

I will say this: if you roast your own coffee at home (which is a ton of fun), you’ll be able to get the stronger flavor in your coffee than if you buy it pre-roasted. You can control the amount of flavor, and freshness also plays a big part in it.

Creamers and Sweeteners

Another form of additive, creamers, and sweeteners come with all sorts of flavors nowadays, which can be a combination of synthetic and natural flavor compounds.

Most use a combination, though you can find all-natural coffee flavoring without having to spend too much money on them.

Anyway You Want It

Did any of these sound good to you, or just peculiar?

Personally, the green tea infused coffee is something I’m going to have to try as soon as possible.

You can enjoy your coffee any and every which way you want it. You never know—your new favorite coffee flavor might be on this list. Time to say yes to a few new flavors.

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